Sex toys companies going green for green

There has been much in the news lately about sex toys companies going green. I am glad to see the awareness of knowing what is inside the object that you are about to shove inside your body. Sure it may not be as big of a deal for a clit vibrator, but anal sex toys and dildos, well you probably want to know that they are cancer free. There are many chemicals that have been used for years that we are now just finding out the implications of them, and combining those chemicals with others could create a dangerous cocktail that has never been studied. So I am glad to see several toy companies stepping up to the plate and making toys for adults that are using higher quality materials.

My favorite material is silicone, it’s dense, feels good and is easy to clean completely. Glass is another great option for that as well. Some people like steel, although it is not my favorite, it is also easy to clean and should be non-toxic.

If you are shopping around for some of the rubber or jelly type dildos you may want to look for something that says phtalate free. At least you can be sure that it is of higher quality and safer than the cheap toys that were marketed years ago of those materials.

That’s my fyi today, glad to see places taking an interest in consumer safety, and hope they make more green by going green.

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